Leave the Darkness Behind and Step Into the Light

Leave the Darkness Behind and Step Into the Light


Immediate Opportunity to Get Help

Tell me about your present situation.

Address problems/questions/concerns about what is troubling you. Take time to make sure you have explained your

problem in detail.


Try To Limit the problem to 10-15 lines.

If more information is needed I will ask for it.


What you can expect:


All emails will receive careful insight

regarding your situation.

Solution Oriented Responses will

be given.

1)       Suggestions and help for better

identifying and prioritizing your

personal needs.

2) Ideas for improving marital disputes.

3) Help for sorting out feelings about

recovering from or preparing for a


4) Advice about finding a plan for

developing healthier, more productive ways to manage stress, and time.

5) Suggestions for living a happy,

productive, sober life.

6) Learning positive plans to avoid

becoming overly involved with anotherís problems.

7) How to decrease anxiety.

8)Techniques and strategies for Managing

Anger and impulsive behavior.

9) Ideas for effectively communicating in

personal relationships, with less


10) All questions/concerns are welcome!

No subject is considered too personal or


Getting Started

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Leave the Darkness Behind and Step Into the Light



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