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Leave the Darkness Behind and Step Into the Light


It is my personal belief that everyone who wants help and is willing to work toward personal wellness will in fact be given an opportunity to do just that.

For this reason that I am personally

committed to assist you in finding what will work best for you and your own unique style of achievement.


I have found and fully understand that

different people have different needs. No two people work through problems and or issues in the same way.


ALL Counseling combines a

number of methods for you to choose from; there are no steadfast rules when it comes to getting well.


Many individuals need personal

counseling sessions weekly


Others simply need to talk through a particular situation with a caring

professional a couple of times in order to get back on track with their daily lives.


All Counseling offers you flexibility

No contract

No long term commitment

As needed, when needed.

Philosophy, Beliefs and Objectives:

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Fax: 281-821-6366


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Leave the Darkness Behind and Step Into the Light