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Leave the Darkness Behind and Step Into the Light

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Disclaimer: All Counseling , its counselors, associated counselors and staff are not responsible for any liabilities what so ever. Client (customer) indemnifies and holds harmless the aforementioned and its associates. Online and telephone counseling is not a replacement for clinical face to face counseling and therefore All Counseling cannot be held responsible for any actions of its clients (customers). Force Majeur shall apply. All Counseling is not a crisis center, if you have a crisis, are in need of suicide prevention or deem yourself or others to be in danger of any kind , call the nearest crisis center or civil authorities.

USA call 911. Even though All Counseling uses high quality web server’s, firewalls and VeriSign security we cannot guarantee nor be held responsible for a compromise of information (email or merchant accounts). We hold strict confidentiality of all information from our clients and shall not share any information with any third party. Purchase is considered agreement to this disclaimer.

Leave the Darkness Behind and Step Into the Light